Saturday, September 27, 2014

Zoya Dupe Post: Margo v Veronica v Reagan v Rooney

When I was swatching the Fall 2014 Entice collection, I was thinking that Margo and Veronica looked quite similar to belong to the same collection, so I decided to do a dupe post.

Check out bottle shots:


On the left, Margo, and on the right, Veronica.

Now let's see them on the nails:


Veronica is on my ring and finger and Margo is on my middle and pinky fingers.

Def not dupes...still too similar for the same collection, I think, but different enough, right?!

However, this got me thinking...Don't I already have a berry Zoya that matches one of these?

So, I dug around my in melmer and grabbed Zoya Reagan.  I do have 4 swatching fingers so I grabbed my next darkest pink, Rooney, although I know Rooney isn't close to the others at all.

Check it out:


Index finger: Rooney
Middle finger: Reagan
Ring finger: Veronica
Pinky finger: Margo

As you can see, there are no dupes.  My favorites are Reagan and Rooney, hahaha, I do love my lighter pinks and berry colors.

However, if you love berry shades and Zoya cremes, you might just need all of these, LOL.

You can find Zoya on the website,, and at Ulta.

As usual, huge thanks for coming by!


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