Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Model City Polish: 2014 Halloween Collection!

Set your calendars!  Tomorrow, October 1, at 8p EST, Model City releases it's new Halloween collection!  Luckily for you, my fabulous reader, I have all 3 for you today!

FYI: Like last year, this year's collection will be offered in scented or unscented versions!  My review polishes were scented (awesomely, I might add) so I'll describe the scents below.  Nina is also releasing seasonal cuticle oil scents, including candy corn, caramel, sweet tart, and banana nut bread! Lastly, your Halloween collection purchases will come with little surprises, such as a Halloween themed eraser per polish and a sweet yoga hair tie if you purchase all three.

On to the pics!  Group shot of polishes and the cute extras!


Pictured here, we have:

First up, this is Here Lies... This polish is a creamy crelly with white and black flakkies.  My swatch shows 3 thin coats with topcoat.  The formula is smooth and builds up nicely.  The flakkies come out easily and float onto the nail.

The scent is an earthy, light patchouli scent!  It smells when dry and even then, you have to lift your fingers pretty close to your sniffer to get the scent, which is really nice, instead of the scent punching you in the face.

I love how the name matches the rock/granite-like look of this polish! Perfect!


20140927_161602     20140927_161618


Next, this is Once Bitten, a cranberry/crimson red loaded with gold flakkies, gold glitter, and gold holo.  This screams Christmas to me and will look great for the holidays!  My swatches show 3 thin coats.  Since it is a jelly, it is sheer but builds up nicely.

The scent with this one is a caramel apple, a perfect match to the color, and again, the scent itself is nice and subtle.


20140927_163603     20140927_163515


I also took pics of this polish without flash because the gold stands out so well on it's own!  Take a look:

20140927_163742     20140927_163752

Last but not least, this is Just Treats, a off white, light yellow creme polish with various colored glitters.  This is 3 thin coats.  In addition to the bigger glitters, JT has a fine lime glitter throughout that really gives it depth.  Check out the macro for that!

  It looks like a sweet tart and smells like it, too.  The scents of all three are quite lovely, subtle and perfectly accurate to the polish.


20140927_170413     20140927_170358


Just Treats glows in the dark!!  How cool is this?? Nina recommends storing GITD polishes in cool, dark places as heat and light can shorten the lifespan of these polishes. Good to know!


And there you have it!  The colors are so varied, there is something for everyone.  I love all three, but Here Lies... is the winner for me.  The scent, the name and the polish just gel together perfectly.

This collection is available TOMORROW on the site, 8pm, eastern time.

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