Monday, September 29, 2014

Knockout Lacquer: Beautifully Bruised Trio - 3 Holo Polishes!

I hope you're sitting down to read this, because this post is a KnockOut!!  See what I did there?  If you read the title of the post, hopefully that's a yes, LOL.

Today I have 3 gorgeous polishes, sent for review, from a new-to-the-scene indie called Knockout Lacquer.  The polishes are all MMA fighting related and, from the few I've tried so far, stunnnnning!  I was sent the three polishes that make up the Beautifully Bruised Trio, which is now available on Ashley's site HERE.

Group bottle shot first!


First up, this is O Negative, an orchid scattered holo.  My pics don't do these polishes justice!  This is just two coats, with topcoat added.  The formula is flawless and the finished product is just a knockout.


20140927_183717     20140927_183810



Next, my new favorite blue polish ever is called B Positive.  This is a navy scattered holo, perfect in two coats.  Just, WOW to this one. A total must have!


20140927_193135     20140927_193156


Last but not least, this is A Positive, a mossy, olive green.  This polish is slightly more sheer and I needed 3 coats for the swatches below.  The formula was just as perfect and the results are just as stunning.  I love how gold and multi-colored the sparkle makes this look.


20140927_191117     20140927_191210


I tried a spot o' nail art using all three...Check it out:

20140927_184351     20140927_184355

I am super impressed with all three. Perhaps surprisingly, B Positive is my favorite, but I am really psyched to have all 3 in my collection!

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