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ellagee's Villainous Holo-Ween Collection! Yzma & Gothel Duo Reviews!

Let's start today's post by taking just one minute to talk about how brilliant this collection is!  Most Halloween collection polishes have the normal ghouls and skulls related names...cute, but we've seen it, right?

ellagee has come out with a super cute take on fall, holo, and Halloween polishes with her new Disney inspired Villainous Holo-Ween Collection.

These are available via pre-sale on September 5th with regular stocking to begin on September 12th!

The tag line, on the sales page, reads: "fiendishly delicious mega-holos and glitters, inspired by the disney villains we love to hate." LOL, very creative and well thought out, and the polishes are, too.  On to the photos!

Group shot of the 4 I received:


Since the polishes are duos, I am going to review them as such. However, if you prefer, they can be purchased separately as well.  I am also stealing Laura's descriptions since I am outdated on my Disney references, LOL. (I swear, I asked her if I could!)

Fiiiiirst up, oh-my-holo.  This is the Yzma duo, inspired by The Emperor's New Groove movie.  The duo consists of a holo, I'll Smash It With a Hammer, and a glitter topper called Wrong Lever!


This is ISITAH, just two coats. On the site, this is described as "sparkling black with intense linear and scattered holographic shimmer and flashes of purple and turquoise." I adore this polish!! The holo is off the hook. The formula is perfect, creamy and applies like a dream.


20140830_085202     20140830_085206

Outside, sun, no flash. I know this is a few more pics than I usually post, but I think you can forgive me, right?


20140830_085243     20140830_085325


The glitter topper is Wrong Lever! which is a "clear top coat with a mix of black, purple, and turquoise holo glitters."  I am in love with this topper.  I chose to show it over butterLONDON Fiver, but it would look great over a variety of bases.  This is just one coat. No fishing, dabbing, or effort required to get the glitters out of the bottle.


20140830_093135     20140830_093139


Next, let's look at the Mother Gothel duo, which comes from the movie Tangled:


The holo is the duo is called Mother Knows Best. On the site, this is described as: "sparkling deep red wine with intense linear and scattered holographic shimmer and flashes of gold." I do not have a holo this color, and I have to say, I looove this one.  This is two flawless coats.


20140830_090139     20140830_090147

Outside, sun shots, no flash. Gorgeous!


20140830_090248     20140830_090304

The partner glitter topper is called Now I'm The Bad Guy, shown over Zoya Jacqueline.  It is described as a "clear top coat with a mix of black and gold holo glitters." Just like Wrong Lever!, it has a great formula with zero effort required.


20140830_091456     20140830_091459


Are these not adorable?!  The Yzma duo is my favorite, the blackened holo is to die for and the glitter topper is going to get a ton of usage with my other polishes!!

You can find the Gothel duo HERE
and the Yzma duo HERE
and the whole Villainous collection HERE

These are available via pre-sale on September 5th with regular stocking to begin on September 12th!

You can find ellagee:
On her store site HERE
On Facebook HERE
On instagram HERE

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  1. Beautiful photos! Thanks so much, I'm so glad you love them <3


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