Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Model City Polish: 2014 Halloween Collection!

Set your calendars!  Tomorrow, October 1, at 8p EST, Model City releases it's new Halloween collection!  Luckily for you, my fabulous reader, I have all 3 for you today!

FYI: Like last year, this year's collection will be offered in scented or unscented versions!  My review polishes were scented (awesomely, I might add) so I'll describe the scents below.  Nina is also releasing seasonal cuticle oil scents, including candy corn, caramel, sweet tart, and banana nut bread! Lastly, your Halloween collection purchases will come with little surprises, such as a Halloween themed eraser per polish and a sweet yoga hair tie if you purchase all three.

On to the pics!  Group shot of polishes and the cute extras!


Pictured here, we have:

First up, this is Here Lies... This polish is a creamy crelly with white and black flakkies.  My swatch shows 3 thin coats with topcoat.  The formula is smooth and builds up nicely.  The flakkies come out easily and float onto the nail.

The scent is an earthy, light patchouli scent!  It smells when dry and even then, you have to lift your fingers pretty close to your sniffer to get the scent, which is really nice, instead of the scent punching you in the face.

I love how the name matches the rock/granite-like look of this polish! Perfect!


20140927_161602     20140927_161618


Next, this is Once Bitten, a cranberry/crimson red loaded with gold flakkies, gold glitter, and gold holo.  This screams Christmas to me and will look great for the holidays!  My swatches show 3 thin coats.  Since it is a jelly, it is sheer but builds up nicely.

The scent with this one is a caramel apple, a perfect match to the color, and again, the scent itself is nice and subtle.


20140927_163603     20140927_163515


I also took pics of this polish without flash because the gold stands out so well on it's own!  Take a look:

20140927_163742     20140927_163752

Last but not least, this is Just Treats, a off white, light yellow creme polish with various colored glitters.  This is 3 thin coats.  In addition to the bigger glitters, JT has a fine lime glitter throughout that really gives it depth.  Check out the macro for that!

  It looks like a sweet tart and smells like it, too.  The scents of all three are quite lovely, subtle and perfectly accurate to the polish.


20140927_170413     20140927_170358


Just Treats glows in the dark!!  How cool is this?? Nina recommends storing GITD polishes in cool, dark places as heat and light can shorten the lifespan of these polishes. Good to know!


And there you have it!  The colors are so varied, there is something for everyone.  I love all three, but Here Lies... is the winner for me.  The scent, the name and the polish just gel together perfectly.

This collection is available TOMORROW on the site, 8pm, eastern time.

You can find Model City:
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Monday, September 29, 2014

Knockout Lacquer: Beautifully Bruised Trio - 3 Holo Polishes!

I hope you're sitting down to read this, because this post is a KnockOut!!  See what I did there?  If you read the title of the post, hopefully that's a yes, LOL.

Today I have 3 gorgeous polishes, sent for review, from a new-to-the-scene indie called Knockout Lacquer.  The polishes are all MMA fighting related and, from the few I've tried so far, stunnnnning!  I was sent the three polishes that make up the Beautifully Bruised Trio, which is now available on Ashley's site HERE.

Group bottle shot first!


First up, this is O Negative, an orchid scattered holo.  My pics don't do these polishes justice!  This is just two coats, with topcoat added.  The formula is flawless and the finished product is just a knockout.


20140927_183717     20140927_183810



Next, my new favorite blue polish ever is called B Positive.  This is a navy scattered holo, perfect in two coats.  Just, WOW to this one. A total must have!


20140927_193135     20140927_193156


Last but not least, this is A Positive, a mossy, olive green.  This polish is slightly more sheer and I needed 3 coats for the swatches below.  The formula was just as perfect and the results are just as stunning.  I love how gold and multi-colored the sparkle makes this look.


20140927_191117     20140927_191210


I tried a spot o' nail art using all three...Check it out:

20140927_184351     20140927_184355

I am super impressed with all three. Perhaps surprisingly, B Positive is my favorite, but I am really psyched to have all 3 in my collection!

You can find Knockout Lacquer:
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On Storenvy HERE
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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Trenique Beauty: The Trenique Beauty Box!

Happy Sunday! Today I have a Beauty Subscription Box post for you from indie beauty company Trenique Beauty!


You may have seen my handcare items review HERE
Or my polish review HERE

but today's post combines the two!  I loved my hand care items so much that I purchased this box - it was NOT sent for review, FYI.  Soo, without further adieu, check out what I received this month and then we can talk about it:


First thing I want to say is that this is a customizable box!!

Unlike many others that curate your items for you, with the Trenique box, you can pick the scents of your scrub, butter, and cuticle oil AND you can chose your polish from their lineup!

Also, this box was $12!  For a full size cuticle oil, a generous body butter and scrub, plus a full size polish, the $12 price point is 100% reasonable!

I chose lemon for all of my scents, although I believe you can mix and match.  I also chose One Night of Love for my polish as I have a few of the others already.


One Night of Love is a gorgeous fucshia jelly polish.  As you can see, since it is a jelly, you can see some VNL (visible nail line) after two coats.  The jelly itself is easy to apply, have a great consistency, but like all jellies, dries slower than a creme.  I don't like the VNL look, myself,..soooo, time for a jelly sammich!


I used Precious Pearls by Maybelline for the glitter and topped it with one coat of One Night of Love.  I totally love the outcome and I know I'll pick up this polish again!


20140921_215436     20140921_215548

Do you want to become a Trenista??


Find Trenique Beauty on:
The standalone site HERE
On Facebook HERE

I def suggest you snag one of these boxes! Can't wait for fall scents next month!

Thanks for stopping by!

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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Zoya Dupe Post: Margo v Veronica v Reagan v Rooney

When I was swatching the Fall 2014 Entice collection, I was thinking that Margo and Veronica looked quite similar to belong to the same collection, so I decided to do a dupe post.

Check out bottle shots:


On the left, Margo, and on the right, Veronica.

Now let's see them on the nails:


Veronica is on my ring and finger and Margo is on my middle and pinky fingers.

Def not dupes...still too similar for the same collection, I think, but different enough, right?!

However, this got me thinking...Don't I already have a berry Zoya that matches one of these?

So, I dug around my in melmer and grabbed Zoya Reagan.  I do have 4 swatching fingers so I grabbed my next darkest pink, Rooney, although I know Rooney isn't close to the others at all.

Check it out:


Index finger: Rooney
Middle finger: Reagan
Ring finger: Veronica
Pinky finger: Margo

As you can see, there are no dupes.  My favorites are Reagan and Rooney, hahaha, I do love my lighter pinks and berry colors.

However, if you love berry shades and Zoya cremes, you might just need all of these, LOL.

You can find Zoya on the website, Zoya.com, and at Ulta.

As usual, huge thanks for coming by!


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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Zoya Fall 2014: Ignite Collection

Today let's check out the other half of Zoya's Fall collection, 6 metallic shimmery shades called the Ignite Collection.  The shades coordinate well with the cremes, but standout on their own, too.  All 6 are opaque in 2 coats.  I did add topcoat to these swatches and the shimmer looks even more sparkly and pronounced.

First up, this is Sansa, a royal purple with golden shimmer.


20140910_202320     20140910_202329

Remy is a royal blue with a strong green shimmer.  This is a total mermaid color - I love it!



Double macros needed so you can see the blue to green shift. Isn't this gorgeous?

20140910_214730     20140910_214802

Yuna is my favorite of this collection!  It is a grey with gold/green shimmer.  Two coats to perfection!


20140910_212423     20140910_212545

Autumn was surprising to me.  I didn't expect to like it seeing the bottle, but on the nail, it screams perfect fall foliage!


20140910_204052     20140910_204125

As with the Entice collection, there are two berry/reddish shades.  India is a darker purple, very fall appropriate with orange glitters.  This mix is unique and berry pretty!


20140910_211038     20140910_211043

Last but not least, this is Teigen, a cranberry colored golden shimmer.  Application was nice but as with the Entice collex, I prefer the darker, more purple berry of the two.


20140910_221058     20140910_221048

Which do you like best? Yuma is the standout for me as I own nothing like it!  You can find Zoya on their website, Zoya.com and at Ulta.

Happy Fall!


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