Saturday, August 2, 2014

Zoya Naturel Deux - See All 6 Polishes Here!

Zoya has made transitioning from Summer to Fall much easier with their gorgeous Naturel Deux collection, 6 creme polishes.  Zoya has pretty much perfected the creme polish and these polishes certainly live up to the excellent standards we expect from Zoya.

There are 6 polishes, 3 brown/tans and 3 purple/plum shades.  Group shot (don't mind the fuzz on the caps, I got too excited and took a pic as soon as they graced my doorstep!):


Pretty, right?  So I don't have to say it each time, the polishes were perfectly opaque in two coats except for Spencer, the lightest tan, which needed 3 for full coverage.  All of the swatches have topcoat for extra shine.

First, this "dark chocolate creme" is Emilia.  This color is quite vampy.  I cannot pull off black nails, so this is about as dark as I like.


20140727_102002     20140727_102008

Second in the brown/tan family, Chanelle, is described as a "toasted almond" creme.  The color is slightly toasty on my skintone and I love how it looks!


20140727_104433     20140727_104437

The lightest of the brown/tan polishes is Spencer, which did need 3 coats for full opacity.  It is described as a "camel cream" color, which seems odd for a polish name.  I adore this color because it almost gives me mannequin hands.  I've been searching for a similar shade so I am happy to have this in my collection.


20140727_112359     20140727_112502

Next, the plum polishes!  The darkest of the three is Marnie, a "warm plum" cream that is quite lovely.  Again, like Emilia, it is a little dark for my tastes but the color is nice just the same.


20140727_102845     20140727_102954

The middle plum shade is Aubrey, which Zoya describes as a "medium mauve" color.  Opaque in 2 coats, this is much more up my alley of colors.


20140727_105223     20140727_105144

Last but not least, this is Madeline, a "muted rose" creme polish.  This is the most pastel of the polishes, which makes it my automatic favorite of the group.  I think this color can be worn year round!


20140727_110942     20140727_110948

You can find these for sale on - available now!.

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