Saturday, August 9, 2014

Salon Perfect: Top (Coat) Of The Class - 60's Mod!

For the next few days, I have 3 awesome Salon Perfect posts for you!

SP has created the Top (Coat) of the Class collection, glitter toppers inspired by different decades!  I received samples from the 60's Mod, 70's Disco, and Totally 80's collections and I've decided to space them out into 3 posts by decade.

Because I am too OCD to go out of order, today we are going to take a peek at the 60's Mod toppers, featuring:


Let's get started!

First up, this simple black and white, Spot On, makes a bold statement over any color.  Unfortunately, the base to glitter ratio is quite off and I ended up with way too much base and not enough glitter.  I ended up dabbing these glitter pieces on and then using my SP topcoat to attempt to smooth it down.  I can't even give you a proper count on how many coats I used because you really need to dab and place this topper, but the base is Salon Perfect's Haute Pink, which I adore!


20140802_090555     20140802_090540

Next, this pastel pretty is Flower Power, shown over China Glaze's The Grass Is Lime Greener.  This is another tough to use topper, full of yellow, pink, blue and white glitters, also in desperate need of the dip, dab, and place method.  The little dots came out much easier, but to get a big and small glitter ratio, you'll have to work for it.


20140802_092453     20140802_092459

Last but not least, Mad About Mod is shown over OPI's Hey Baby.  Similar to Flower Power, the smaller pieces come out easily but the bigger pieces need some fishing.


20140802_094143     20140802_094138

In sum, I do like the color mixes and they make me think of 60's dresses!  However, the base to glitter ratios are a little off.  If you don't mind the dip and dab method, you can end up with some cool looks on your nails, but you're going to have to work for them!

You can find Salon Perfect at Walmarts nationwide and, the best part, is that the prices are under $4!

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  1. Great swatches! I am glad you were able to get them to work using that method - I think I just didn't have the patience for it lol. I love some of their other polishes, though - I think I will stick to their cremes though :)


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