Thursday, August 21, 2014

Nire's Desire: Love's On Fire!! Hot Neon Indie!

Nire's Desire is quickly becoming one of my favorite indie brands!  I am a huge fan of her unique colors and especially the creamy dreamy neons like the one I have to show you today called Love's On Fire.  Take a look!


Love's On Fire is a gorgeous reddish, orange-y polish. There is a very pretty shimmer to it, too. Maybe it's even a tiny flakkie? Whatever it is, it's lovely and really translates from the bottle to the nail well.  The formula is such a stand out!!  It is creamy, dries quickly, and dries shiny!  Say what!

Untitled     Untitled

With many neons from mainstream brands, you get thin coats, streaky finishes, and a dull matte finish. Forget about it!!  Love's On Fire is SO pretty and the shimmer is just amazing.



I do have another Nire's Desire neon, a gorgeous, similarly creamy polish called Lemon Ice. Take a look!

20140317_210054     20140317_210042

Aren't these great?  You can find Nire's Desire:
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On her store site HERE


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