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China Glaze Pop Top Collection!

New from China Glaze!! Introducing the Pop Top Collection!!

The Press Release reads:

"We believe glitter makes everything better so this August, 
China Glaze releases the Pop Top collection, an eight-piece
 limited edition set that includes two classic basic shades
 mixed with six glitter toppers so you can add sparkle, sprinkle
 and shine to your nails."

Today I have all 8 polishes for you, so this post will be fairly picture heavy, but glittery, pretty, and so worth it! Let's take a look!

First, the solids.  China Glaze sent me Heart of Africa, a gorgeous deep maroon and White On White, a solid white that makes perfect undies for any glitter.  This is White On White, two coats, with topcoat.  I was pleasantly surprised with how streak-free and easy to apply this polish is!

20140801_181345     20140801_181416

Next, Heart of Africa was a surprise for me!  I don't usually like deep and vampy reds, but this polish is quite pretty!  This is two coats with topcoat.  First pics show with flash:

20140801_182532     20140801_182528

And it is very pretty without flash, too. I love the subtle shimmer!

20140801_182610     20140801_182646

Glitter time!  I decided to pull out more China Glaze from my stash (and I do have quite a few!) to use as undies with all of these glitters, so this post is ALL China Glaze!

First up, this is Pizzaz over White On White. This is a clear based polish with multi colored glitters. This topper will look great over pretty much any color but I chose white to make the glitters POP! Application was easy, the glitters came out of the bottle with no problem at all - if anything, it was slightly thick and the glitters needed a little smooshing around for proper, un-clumped placement. This is two coats and topcoat.

20140801_181606     20140801_181552

Next, this pretty glitter is Luxe and Lush, which is a re-release. This opal shredded polish changes it's look over different bases, so I wanted to show you a light and dark base. Here is two coats of L&L over Heart of Africa. L&L takes on an almost orange tone here:

20140801_182855     20140801_182915

Without flash, it looks very cool, too.

20140801_182939     20140801_182952

Over China Glaze In A Lily Bit, however, it takes on a pastel, pinky-purple tone and looks much more feminine. Both swatches show two coats of L&L over the base and with topcoat. This is a great topper that can be used year round and over a variety of bases.

20140801_184706     20140801_184622

I Pink I Can is a clear based pink glitter. Of course, I am a fan, LOL. There are different sized hexes and a micro-glitter throughout. The application is quite easy and there is zero fishing or placement required. This is two coats of CG Something Sweet with topcoat:

20140801_192908     20140801_192919

Next, this is Your Present Required over Lotus Begin. I feel like YPR is from the past holiday season, but I couldn't find it in my stash. Does this look similar to anyone else? This has a cool mix of colors, including white, purple, gold, and blue glitters in different sizes. Application was easy and no fishing or placement required.

20140801_193824     20140801_193852

I paired Techno with Metro Pollen-tin. Techno has micro glitters and bigger hexes - all of which are holo and oh, so shiny! This is another polish that will look amazing over everything. Easy to use, no issues with the formula, and gives an instant WOW factor to your nails! This is two coats and topcoat.

20140801_194955     20140801_195042

Last but not least, say hello to FAIRY DUST! The highly coveted topper by China Glaze is a must have for any polish hoarder - I mean, collector, hehe - and it looks amaaazing over any and every polish. Shown here over Petal to the Metal in two coats. Just. Perfect.

20140802_083922     20140802_083928

In sum, Pop Top is a fun, sparkly, vibrant collection of toppers (& the two solids) that will take any polish look from plain to WOW! Of the bunch, Fairy Dust is my favorite and I've already got a ton of use out of my bottle!

You can find China Glaze at Sally Beauty and on their standalone site, too.

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