Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Barielle! 5 Gorgeous Creme Polishes!

I am very happy to announce that I've been accepting into Barielle's blogger/reviewer group.  They were awesome and let me select a few colors to try (since, as I explained to them, I can never find Barielle near me! It's shame!).  First, group shot:


Very Lacey colors, right?! This is what happens when you let me loose to pick what I want: pastels, neutrals, PINKS.  Go figure.

Anyway, I am happy to report that these all have great formulas, opaque in two creamy coats.  Actually, as you'll see with the pink, they were pretty opaque in a SINGLE coat, but all of my swatches show 2 coats with Barielle Speed Dry topcoat.  I hate to say the quick dry topcoat was not quick to dry on me, but unfortunately, it was not.

The polishes, on the other hand, are perfection, so let's take a look!

First up, this is Pillow Talk, a gorgeous nude.  It takes two coats and topcoat to achieve this look. The polish is easy to use, not too thin or thick so no cuticle pooling or thickness between coats. Just lovely!


20140719_114603     20140719_114439

This gorgeous pink is Smarty Pants Pink. While the color isn't too unique, the formula deserves some mention.  Look at this...ONE coat:


That is seriously noteworthy for a pastel pink.  Many brands (I wont name names) are prone to streaking, pulling, chalky looking first coats, but this is just amazing.  Here it is with two coats and topcoat:


20140719_123159     20140719_123151

Third, Designer's Shoe is a more unique shade, toe-ing (see what I did there?) the line between periwinkle blue and purple.  Two coats, topcoat, and you're out the door.


20140719_125702     20140719_125705

Head Of The Class Green is quite pretty, perfect in 2 coats, like the others.  I do need to mention that while this color didn't stain my nails at all, it did stain my skin and cuticles pretty badly!  Not sure I'd reach for this again except to use in nail art - the staining isn't worth it.


20140719_124213     20140719_124226

Last but not least, Blossom is a gorgeous creme peach. This is another color that can be prone to streaking, but like the pink polish, it is only creamy perfection.


20140719_121928     20140719_121931

In sum, with the exception of Head of The Class Green, these are creamy polishes I will reach for again and again!  I am excited to work with Barielle and I am excited to show you more from this brand.

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  1. Congrats girl! So happy you finally get to try Barielle! :) You picked gorgeous shades


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