Saturday, August 30, 2014

SuperChic Lacquer - Into The Woods Collection: 3 Polish Review & New Topcoat!!

Happy Saturday Morning!

Today I have 3 amaaazing polishes for you from SuperChic Lacquer that are part of the Into The Woods collection, launching this coming Monday, Sept 1, 2014.

Seriously, you might want to sit down, these babies are stunners!!

Group shot:


Also, before we get to the polish, I am psyched to tell you there is a new super quick dry, high gloss, indie topcoat in the market!  This is "Marvel" Liquid Macro topcoat.  I did NOT use it in my swatches below, but I did use it on my toes a couple days ago.  It dried SO quickly (just as quick as my usual, HK Girl), and has stayed super shiny.  It claims to stay shiny for 2 weeks, so I'll be sure to update you.


Now, the polishes!  Let's start with my favorite of the 3.  This is Golden Delicious Curse.


My swatches show just 2 creamy coats.  The color is out of this world.  It is described as "A succulent apple-cranberry base adorned with strong contrasting flashes of green to gold iridescence, chrome and holographic effects."  On my skintone, it pulls a strong rose-gold which is A-OK with me! Love a rose-gold polish.  These are artificial light pics:

20140829_141606     20140829_141611

The polish applies so well, just floats on the nail.  It dries quickly as well.  These are NO flash pics, but still under my lightbox light.  The gorgeous shimmer stays with you no matter the lighting. SO stunning.

20140829_141707     20140829_141713

Last but not least, these are outside pics.  Plain sun, zero flash, 100% brilliant!

20140829_141906     20140829_141914

Next up, this is Baker's Hunger for a Bun In The Oven.  It is described as "A muted deep lush blue-grey with contrasting fiery-copper iridescent shimmer and holographic effects."


So pretty!  It is more sheer than GDC so I used three thin coats for this one. The coats build up easily and the formula is excellent to work with. Dry time is quick and as you can see, the finished look is just gorg.

20140829_135228     20140829_135334

Here are a couple shots under artificial light, but with no flash.

20140829_135353      20140829_135324

Last but certainly not least, this is You Don't Know Jack About My Beans.  This is such a unique polish, a complete must-have from SuperChic.  It is described as "A lush artichoke green with strong contrasting fiery iridescent, holographic and green shimmer effects."


This is the type of polish where you're so busy looking at your nails in the sun that you trip over the sidewalk and fall on your face.  Not that that happened to me...... Of the three I reviewed, this was the most sheer, needing 4 coats for full coverage.

20140829_140420     20140829_140423

A couple of shots from my lightbox, no flash:

20140829_140548     20140829_140454

These are outside shots, just plain sunshine and no flash. Love the olive to pink change!! I wore this for a few days!

20140829_140632     20140829_140635

GDC and YDKJAMB have already made their way to my Favorites display on my shelf.  Love the uniqueness of SueprChic Lacquers!!

These 3 beauties, and the complete collection of 10, are available Monday, September 1.  You can find SuperChic Lacquer:

On etsy HERE
On Facebook HERE
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and on YouTube HERE

Thanks for looking!

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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Liquid Sky Lacquer Caribbean Dream - Exclusive!

Today on the blog, I have a semi-secret polish, LOL.  This is Caribbean Dream by Liquid Sky Lacquer.  It is a custom from a group I am in and I have since let it go.  I looove LSL holo polishes but I do own another similar one, Shanel's Cyan, that fits well in my collection.

However, CD is beautiful so it does deserve a blog post.  Check it out!


Like all LSL polishes, this is gorgeous and opaque in 3 thin coats.  The formula is easy to work with and the finish is holo and so, so pretty!


20140706_210304     20140706_210258

You can find Liquid Sky Lacquer:
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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Ellison's Organics - 4 Polish Review (& 1 Dr. Who Themed Polish!)

Today I have an exciting review
all for you
because one polish is themed from Dr. Who!

Rhyme too corny? LOL, sorry.  But still!  I have 4 polishes from Ellison's Organics, who recently released a huge Dr. Who themed collection!

Now, don't get mad at me, but I have never watched Dr. Who.  (I know, I know.)  However, this does not mean I can't love the polish any less than you Whovians!  So, let's start with this one, a gorgeous green blue shifter called Allsons-y!


This polish went on flawlessly and is opaque in 2 coats.  I love the shift so I took quite a few photos! :)  My only complaint is the slightly visible brush strokes but they disappear in certain lights so it's not too bad.  This polish is unique to my collection and I am happy to have it!

20140820_191808     20140820_191859



The next polish is a soon-to-be-named white creme that is opaque in just 2 coats and pretty flawless!  I was sent this as a prototype and I am including it in my review because it's a great white!!  This gets my vote for YES to make it a permanent polish in the store.

20140820_200627     20140820_200631

I was also sent two pretty glitter toppers.  Both have micro glitters in a variety of shades with clear bases.  Both apply well, with a good base to glitter ratio.  

First up, this is Happy Birthday Mr. President over the white I was sent.


This is one coat of the glitter topper plus topcoat.  Easy to apply, quick to dry, no complaints.  The glitters are primary colors in blue, red, green, and golds.

20140820_204635     20140820_204615

I did a second, dabbed coat, of the glitter topper to see how it would build. Nice, right?


Last but not least, this is Party In My Polish!  Also shown over the white I was sent, this polish is really fun! Based on colors alone - you know me - I do like this one better.  The formulas are identical, zero complaints!


20140820_200855     20140820_200926

Love this one with the dabbed second coat! If you were patient, waited for it to dry between coats, and did a third coat, I think you'd have full coverage, which would look awesome!


Really nice polishes!  I must say that Allons-y! and Party In My Polish are my faves, but all 4 are really nice!

Oh, I also reviewed Ellison's previously, and you can check out 3 solids and an awesome glitter topper HERE!

You can find Ellison Organics:

On Facebook HERE 
On the store site HERE 

 Thanks for stopping by!

xoxo, Lacey

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2 Pretty Blue Creme Polishes: Barry M Turquoise and Orly Harmonious Mess

Let's take a look at a pair of pretty creme polishes, in blue...and purple..sigh - Blurple?

First up is Orly Harmonious Mess, which came out with the Mash Up collection in Fall 2012, maybe end-of-summer-ish, 2012.  This polish is such a beautiful light lavender, almost a muted lilac.  But it also looks blue in some lights?  I am not really sure where to even categorize this one.


This is two coats with topcoat.  The polish flows perfectly.  There is no streakiness, despite the pastel quality to it.


And in the bright sun:

20130928_144825 - Copy

Next up is Barry M Turquoise.  Barry M can be tricky to find in the US as it is a UK brand, but Ninja Polish can help you with that.  Turquoise is a creamy, dreamy polish, perfect in two coats:

20131002_182730 - Copy

Close ups!

20131002_182723 - Copy     20131002_182741 - Copy

Hope you liked this post!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Literary Lacquers LE Birthday Polish: To Blossom

Set your watches/alarm clocks/cellphones/sun dials/whatever you have!

Tomorrow, August 24th, ONLY at 5-7pm, Mountain time, Literary Lacquers is opening pre-orders for her amazing, so limited edition that the bottles will be numbered, birthday polish!!  (Polishes will ship on Sept. 1)

Meet this year's LE: To Blossom.


And, how about a bottle shot? Soo gorgeous!


The inspiration comes from a beautiful quote by Anais Nin:


This polish is amazing, with a perfect opaque in 2 coats formula.  The color is so unique - it's a rose meets cranberry meets mulberry holo.  Application is flawless, dry time surprisingly quick.


20140822_181736     20140822_181845


You can find Literary Lacquers:
On her store site HERE <-- where to buy the polish on the 24th!
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