Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Zoya Naturel Deux - Coming Soon!!

I am so psyched!  Zoya is coming out with a 6 peice Naturel Duex collection - it's beautiful!

Take a peek!

Gorgeous, right? The shades are:

  • Spencer: Camel Cream, Full Coverage Formula. 
  • Chanelle: Toasted Almond, Full Coverage Formula. 
  • Emilia: Dark Chocolate, Full Coverage Formula. 
  • Marnie: Deep Warm Plum, Full Coverage Formula. 
  • Aubrey: Medium Mauve Cream, Full Coverage Formula. 
  • Madeline: Muted Rose, Full Coverage Formula.

This collection has a pre-order which started on July 21, so if you like these pretty shades, hop over to to order.

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