Thursday, July 3, 2014

Salon Perfect: Paint the Town Red, White, & Blue! 8 Polish Review!

I have a patriotic post for you today!  I was sent 8 polishes, 3 solid colors, 4 glitter toppers, and a topcoat, from Salon Perfect to review for you.

Bottle shots:

20140628_175622     20140628_175653

Their press release states:

" The 4th of July is just around the corner and whether you were Born in the U.S.A., or are here to Party in the U.S.A., everyone from sea to shining sea will be looking to celebrate with the hottest nail art around. Introducing the Paint the Town Red White & Blue collection from Salon Perfect! Available now at select Walmart stores nationwide, this collection of nail lacquers, liners, pens, decals, tapes and tools allows you to express your patriotism in style."

I also received a striper brush, dotting tool, decals, and striping tape, but I am going to do another post on that.

By the way, the striping tape and other accessories are all under $2, a much better price point than some other stores, who shall remain nameless!

Solid colors:

First up, this is Paint The Town Red, a pretty red jelly-ish polish.  Not quite a sheer jelly and not quite a cream, this falls between the jelly/crelly line.  I used two coats here, plus topcoat. I love how cherry red it is!  Be careful with application as reds tend to be a little messy!

20140628_160614     20140628_160636

Next, this perfect white, Sugar Cube, has officially hit holy grain status in my collection.  I even posted it on my Facebook page before any other swatches - it's That Good! This is two creamy, streak-free coats with topcoat.  Goes on smooth and perfect. LOVE!

20140628_165814     20140628_165817

Gold Leaf is another home-run.  You hardly see metallics here because I.Hate.Brushstrokes!! Luckily, there are none to be found with this polish.  Goes on smooth, dries well, looks streak-free. I know I'll pick this up again and again!

20140628_163803     20140628_163808

Now, the fun glitters!

I was happy to see a gold topper amongst the red, white, and blue glitters.  Before I decided what I wanted to do, I swatched each over the red, Paint The Town Red:

  • Index finger has Grand Finale, 
  • middle finger has Save Me a Spot, 
  • ring finger has Boom, Boom, Boom, 
  • and pinky finger has Fool's Gold.


This is Fool's Gold over Gold Leaf.  Fool's Gold is easy to use, no fishing required, and a great glitter to base ratio:

20140628_164416     20140628_164441

Next, I swatched the others over white. Boom, Boom, Boom over Sugar Cube is a really fun topper, full of patriotic micro-glitters. This is two coats with easy breezy application.

20140628_170120     20140628_170146

I added Save Me a Spot over the Boom, Boom, Boom/Sugar Cube combo. I love the circle glitter idea, but there is a lot of clear base in the bottle. Seems like a "duh" statement but there's a lot more base than glitter, making this kind of hard to use. I did some fishing and placing with this and I do like the final results. Make sure you're patient with this one!

20140628_170727     20140628_170707

Grand Finale is a bar glitter extravaganza! Bar glitter isn't my favorite but with the stars and stripes theme of this time of year, it fits in really well. Application was very easy, no fishing or placing required. This is shown over Paint The Town Red:

20140628_174202     20140628_174242

I really enjoyed this collection! My favorite, which might be a surprise, is Sugar Cube! You can find Salon Perfect at Wal-marts nationwide. Price points are reasonable and formulas are great!


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