Thursday, July 31, 2014

Salon Perfect - Neon POP Collection - 8 Polish Review

I love neons year round, but summer is the time for neon releases, like the 8 Salon Perfect polishes I have for you today.

Salon Perfect sent out some press release info, so take a quick look then we will get to my pics!

Neon nails are the it manicure look for summer with eye-dazzling digits ruling from the catwalk to the boardwalk. Let your fingertips feel the energy of a high-voltage shade with Neon POP, a new collection of vibrant, neon lacquers from Salon Perfect®. Whether you’re just dabbling in a highlighter bright hue or living the full-on Technicolor dream, these 12 bright and bold neon shades will POP out from the rest.
salon perfect rainbow brights
Available this July exclusively at Walmart, the Salon Perfect® Neon POP collection features:
  • Flamingo Flair – Neon flamingo pink
  • Electric Grape – Glitter-charged electric purple
  • Perky Pink – Bubbly bright pink
  • Tickled Pink – Neon bubblegum pink
  • Traffic Cone – Neon orange
  • Yowza Yellow – Highlighter yellow
  • Summer Escape – Blazing sunny orange
  • Oceanic – Bright blue with a jolt of glitter
  • Haute Pink – Scorching hot pink
  • Gone Sailing – Energizing sea green shimmer
  • Loopy Lime – Luminous lime green
  • Fired Up Fuchsia – Flashy fuchsia shimmer
  • Sugar Cube – bright white crème (Insider Tip: Use as a base color to make neon shades really POP.)
  • Crystal Clear – Clear top coat for a glossy finish
The Salon Perfect® Neon POP collection will launch in July as part of a limited edition promotional display at select Walmart stores nationwide. Individual shades will retail for $3.98.
I was sent 8 shades to review and I have pics for you.

 Most, like neons usually do, need 2 coats of white underneath to fully POP, so I'll let you know which did and which did not. Speaking of white polishes, I highly recommend Salon Perfect's own Sugar Cube, a gorgeous creme white, which I used under most of these neons.

Let's go!

First, this is Plum Sorbet.  This is actually not listed in the description above, LOL, but I received it with this group so here it is!


This polish didn't need white undies and was opaque in 2 coats. Formula was nice and creamy, easy to work with and quick to dry. My only complaint was that the polish dried a lot darker than the bottle color.

20140719_090828     20140719_090840

Next, this is Fired Up Fuchsia, which has a distinct shimmer. I love all pink polishes so I have zero complaints about this beauty.  Opaque in 2 coats, it didn't require white undies either.


20140719_104312     20140719_104322

Tickled Pink was the lightest pink I received and it does not disappoint one bit!  Opaque in two coats over white, it was creamy and easy to work with.


20140719_111539     20140719_111438

Yowza Yellow needs undies, of course, but it dries to a happy highlighter yellow.  I am happy that this photographed yellow and without a green tint, as many yellows do (for me, at least).  This is three thin coats, easy to work with, that dry to a creamy matte finish.


20140719_095028     20140719_095046

Loopy Lime is an almost metallic looking neon (does that even exist?) that dries matte but still shimmery.  It is easy to work with and opaque in 3 thin coats.  This isn't my fave due to visible brush strokes, but the shade is pretty.  I did use white undies under this color.


20140719_100830     20140719_100858

After looking at the press release again, I realize Bermuda Baby isn't in this new collection either, but it could be!  This seriously dries matte so grab your topcoat if you're looking for shine.  I did use topcoat here, 2 coats of polish underneath, but no white undies.


20140719_102841     20140719_102844

Flamingo Flair is a vibrant peach creme. I used 2 coats over white.  This color is phenomenal if you like peaches, there is zero streaking and it is so creamy and easy to work with.  I don't know where the name comes from, but who cares? This is my favorite of the collection!


20140719_112551     20140719_112611

Traffic Cone, on the other hand, has the perfect name! This is freak-out-the-camera perfectly bright, perfect formula neon orange. I used 2 coats over white. Love this polish!


20140719_093717     20140719_093721

Last but not least, Haute Pink is another favorite.  Also freaking out my camera, this almost looks like a neon red in real life, but does pull pink in these pics.  Perfect in 2 coats over white, I loved this so much I actually did a pedi with it...and I never, ever do bright pedis.  This color screams summer! Love it!


20140719_092756     20140719_092802

Soo, there you go.  Apparently 6 of the new shades and 2 non-collection neons, but still, all in all, these are 8 great shades.  At the under $4 price point, I recommend scooting over to your nearest Walmart ASAP!

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. These are amazing! I should have borrowed that yellow for my outfit today! Check out my neon ensemble on the blog today :)

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