Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Pink Glitter Gradient Explosion Nails! Orly Choreographed Chaos, Digital Nails Unicorn Farts, Kawaii Lacquer Don't Even Pink About It, and Pahlish Glittoris!

Phew!  That was a LONG title!  In case you're on mobile or it got cut off, the four polishes in this mani are:
Here is the finished product:


You need to see Orly Choreographed Chaos by itself. This is from the Mash Up 2013 collection and it is a bubblegum pink with a strong shimmer. This is two coats with HK Girl topcoat:


I wanted to make this even girlier, so I added two coats of Unicorn Farts by Digital Nails:


Gorgeous, right?


Next I added Kawaii Nail Lacquer Don't Even Pink About It. I forgot to take pics, womp womp. It is a pink tinted jelly base with iridescent pink flakies. Unfortunately, the flakkies glow yellow under my flash...weird, right?  Anyway, I also added some Pahlish Glittoris in a gradient from the base of the nail.


Last look!


I linked the three indie stores above, so please make sure to scroll back up - and enjoy the mani deconstruction (it's like a FLIP BOOK, yall!) as you go.



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