Thursday, July 17, 2014

Pacifica Makes Polish: Crystal Orchid

Today I have a post by a new-to-nail polish brand...Pacifica!

You've probably already heard of Pacifica for their awesome products, including lotions, body butters, perfume, sprays, and lip balm, including my current favorite vanilla hibiscus Color Quench balm.

What you may not have seen, just yet, is their new polish line!

FYI: The whole brand is vegan and cruelty free - bonus!

They were lovely enough to send me out a polish to try and I even got to pick the color!  As my last name is Chrystal and I am obsessed with the radiant orchid color of the year, Crystal Orchid was an easy pick for me.


Isn't that lovely?  This is two coats of Crystal Orchid (I automatically put an H in Crystal, so if I accidentally leave it as a typo, my bad) with topcoat.

20140711_175719     20140711_175907

The polish itself is creamy, self leveling, and easy to apply.  Dry time is normal for a creme polish.  There is zero streaking or balding as some pastel-like colors tend to do.  I am really impressed with this polish!


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