Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Out The Door Topcoat Does Polish: Champion Red & Black Hole

The very popular Out The Door, known mostly for it's quick dry topcoat, is venturing into the world of colored lacquer!

When I went to the Nail Tech convention in August 2013, I was given two Out The Door polishes, Black Hole and Champion Red, as well as a quick dry matte.  I haven't tried the matte yet, but I did try the polishes and my reaction was pretty much O_O

These polishes ROCK.  I am not a huge black or red fan (shocker, I know), but I love both of these.  Both colors are 1 coaters - yes, my swatches below are ONE coat only.  The shine is incredible.  The dry time is impressive...but oh, the color payoff: raven black and striking cherry red.  Shall we?

(Yes, if this looks familiar, especially the black, you have def seen that on this blog before as undies for glitters and for nail art).


I repeat: this is ONE coat of Champion Red with no topcoat. The shine was so off the hook it confused my camera! I could NOT get a shot without glare, even when I turned off the flash.


Close up with no flash:


Black Hole is just as perfect. A one coater black polish is a welcome addition to any polish obsessed person.


This also made my camera go all wonky...I was debating not posting these pics but the polish is really impressive and you needed to see it. Plus, how often do I feature a red or black? Nevermind in a single post. THIS IS EPIC, PEOPLE, EPIC!

You can find Out The Door's quickdry topcoat pretty much everywhere, from Walgreens to Sally's to professional supply stores, but I have yet to see the polish colors available yet. I'll keep an eye out and update you if/when I do!



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