Thursday, July 3, 2014

LE Literary Lacquer/Sweet Heart Polish Disney Themed Duo!

Today I have an extra special post for you!

Take a look at the LE Disney Themed Duo from Literary Lacquers and Sweet Heart Polish.

Check out Sirius, a stunning royal blue holo and Very Sirius, a gorgeous lilac micro glitter holo by Literary Lacquers!

20140630_193901     20140630_204428

As far as release info goes, Amy tells me:

It will be sold in both our shops, mine is at and hers is at and will launch on July 5 at noon Pacific time.

We will each have 35 sets to start but if they sell out quickly we will add more.

And, once you see my pics, you'll be as convinced as I am that this duo will be selling out reeeeally fast. Let's take a look!

I have actually reviewed a couple of Sweet Heart Polishes before, so if you want to check them out, click HERE.

 Sirius is a gorgeous holo polish that has a blurple look to it. On me, it pulls a strong royal blue and I am 110% OK with that! This is two coats with topcoat. The polish is easy to work with, quick drying, and just lovely.


20140630_193925     20140630_193910


Annnd, next up, this is Very Sirius by Literary Lacquers.

Wow. Pretty much no words. It is a lilac-y purple, it is holo beyond holo, and it has MINI STARS!!!! Basically, this is the perfect holo we've come to expect from Literary Lacquers but turned up to Volume 10.5. Holo micro glitter, and I repeat, MINI holo stars. So much yes. This is three coats with topcoat. Easy to work with AND easy to remove.


20140630_204422     20140630_204537


Since it came as a duo, I decided to try one coat of Very Sirius over Sirius. Check out the results:

20140630_194248     20140630_194254


Another smash hit duo from a Literary Lacquers collaboration!

I am super impressed with both polishes, especially Very Sirius, which is unique among my collection. I find it harder and harder to pick a "fave" Literary Lacquers polish.

If you haven't tried LL yet, or Sweet Heart, I pretty much insist you jump on the bandwagon RIGHTMEOW because not only is this duo gorgeous, it is also LE and it's only $20 & shipping!

The duo will be available on both Literary Lacquer's site and on Sweet Heart Polish's site! They will be available July 5th at noon PST, which is 3pm EST.

You can find Literary Lacquers:
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You can find Sweet Heart Polish:
On the standalone site HERE
On Facebook HERE
On Instagram HERE

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