Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Hello, Yellow! 2 Neon Yellow Polishes!

Today I have two polishes for you, yellow neons mainstreams at that.

Actually, earlier I showed you Nire's Desires Lemon Ice, which is an indie brand.  I am in LOVE with that, and just to refresh your memory, check it out below or see the full Blog Post HERE.


Here are two mainstreams to compare.  First, here is two coats of Orly Glowstick over white:



Glowstick by itself is yellow.  Highlighter yellow.  Glowstick yellow.  Not at all the green it shows in these pics.  However, on MBHM, I choose not to color correct because if this is the color I get, this is the color you should see, too (in my humble opinion).


I wanted to try to get the swatch more yellow, so I added two coats of Pin 'Em Slater by Wet n Wild from the Saved By The Bell collection:


Here it is with and without flash:

20140107_213155     20140107_213754

And finally a pic from the fridge light.  It is almost a true to life color but still, not quite right:


Do you have a fave neon yellow?  I am going to say that in this case (as in many cases) the indie, Nire's Desire, is my fave!


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