Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Zoya Summer 2014 Magical Pixies: Bar, Ginni, Arlo!

Today I have the three brand new Magical Pixies from Zoya's Summer 2014 collection.

These Pixies are "Magical" because unlike the much finer grit of the original Pixies, these have chunkier holo particles.  Love them or leave them?  Let's see some pics!

First, group shot:


First up, this is Arlo.  Zoya describes this as a "glittering violet amethyst" in color.  My swatches show three coats and the first set has no topcoat, as instructed.  I was a little wishywashy about this color and the formula.  I feel like this set is thicker than the Spring set.  The polish was a bit harder to work with, too.  The color payoff, however, is quick sparkly.


20140525_142714(0)     20140525_142654

I also wanted to see how these would look with topcoat, so I added a thin layer of topcoat for the pics below.  You'd def need another coat or even a third coat to make it smooth.

20140525_142859     20140525_142852

Next up, this girly pink, Ginni, is described as "pink tourmaline" in color. This is three coats, no topcoat.


20140525_144351     20140525_144403

And these two shots show Ginni WITH topcoat, just for comparison sake.

20140525_144716     20140525_144721

Last but not least, this stunning neutral is called Bar, described as "glittery nude topaz." This color is so interesting on the nail, with almost blue looking sparkle to it. This is my favorite! I think it wold be a great pedi color for summer. This is three thin coats, no topcoat.


20140525_150335     20140525_150316

And a couple shots WITH topcoat:

20140525_150450     20140525_150515

What do you think of Zoya's latest installment of Pixies? Are you a fan of the chunkier, holo texture?

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  1. I like them! I think I obsessively stroke the textured polishes when I wear them though... that might be weird and creepy.


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