Thursday, June 26, 2014

Texture Polish Post - Essie Lots of Lux

You're not experiencing deja vu - this is another royal blue texture polish!

Today's polish is Essie Lots of Lux, which came out for Holiday 2013.


Yesterday I showed you JulieG Sleigh Ride.  Check out a comparison quickly, JulieG on the left and Essie right:

20140125_182343     20140125_155026

Essie Lots of Lux is a little bit more of a royal or navy blue, where the JulieG Sleigh Ride is more of an electric or neon leaning blue.  Perhaps I don't need both...hmm...

Anyway, Lots of Lux applies well, but it is a bit thicker than the average texture polish.  It dries quite sparkly but with an allover shimmer and not obvious glitter particles.  This is closer in formula to a Zoya than the JulieG, for example.


20140125_155014     20140125_155018



You can find Essie at drug stores, like CVS and WalMart, and on their website.

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