Saturday, June 7, 2014

New To Me Indie: Pipe Dream Polish - Be My Flamingo

I am so lucky to have polish nail mail pals, including my Patricia, who sends me the most amazing, spot on, perfect for me choice polishes!  She sent me my first Pipe Dream Polish and picked a pink glitter topper called Be My Flamingo.

I am in LOVE!  Take a look:


I tried a french style gradient using BMF over a nameless color by Blue Cross.  I haaate nameless polishes, it's almost sad, LOL.  This pretty color deserves a name, doesn't it?

Untitled     Untitled

BMF is the perfect polish for a gradient because the micro glitters make the gradient really easy to achieve!  I am not so good at this style but BMF really helps pull it off.

20140430_171943 (1)

20140430_171947     20140430_171958

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  1. Omg that nameless polish! Where'd you find it? I LOVE this combo!


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