Tuesday, June 17, 2014

LynBDesigns: Mathematical Satire - Glitter Topper with Spades, Diamonds, & Hearts!

LynBDesigns released an Alice In Wonderland inspired collection, and there were two stand-out must-have polishes for me: Chesire Grin and this one, Mathematical Satire.

Seriously - have you seen a polish with spades, diamonds, and hearts?? ME NEITHER...until this one!  Take a look:


This is two dabbed coats of MS over Essie Barefoot & Topless, a highly recommendable nude creme.  MS has a clear base, chock full of glitters.  I did some dabbing and placing (duh) because I wanted all of the glitters represented!


The background of the polish is pretty cool.  Here I was thinking it had to do with the Hatter's card in his hat, but there's actually a lot more to it than that.  On the site, the polish is described as:

"I created this one on the theory that Alice in Wonderland and the accompanying stories are all based on mathematical satire. It’s an interesting theory that I of course heard about on QI. This polish has iridescent squares and hexes, silver hexes, and the most exciting part red diamonds and hearts, and black spades and clubs. I knew there had to be a polish in the collection that represented all the suits in a deck of cards."

Untitled     Untitled

I extended the mani for a couple days by addict Matte-ict by A Girl Obsessed, the best matte around! For some odd reason, even the photos themselves look matte, LOL.

Untitled     Untitled

This is such a unique polish! I'm so happy to have this one.

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