Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Literary Lacquer & Ethereal Lacquer: Limited Edition Summer Cocktails Duo!! & Nail Art!

Of course, it is no surprise that I am a huge fan of anything created by Literary Lacquers, so when Amy asked if I would swatch the new Limited Edition duo project, a collaboration between her and Ethereal Lacquer, I was ecstatic!!!!  Actually, I think my response was "don't ask, just mail, include deadlines." LOL.

*Before we go any further, let me say that this collabo is LIMITED EDITION and selling reeeeally fast! Not only are the polishes amazing, the price point - just $22 for two heavenly holos - makes this deal really extra awesome. If you want to skip my pics (please dont, lol) and just go to the listing, click HERE!)*

Soooo, if you're still here (thank you), here are the bottle shots first:

20140610_195209     20140610_195226

Oooh, aaaaah!  Both have very cool inspirations, of course. This time, they are summer cocktail inspired! For my 21+ readers, here are the ingredients:

2 lovely polishes created in collaboration inspired by summer cocktails!

 Lilac Haze
2 ounces Botanist gin
3/4 ounces lilac simple syrup
1/2 ounce lemon juice
1/2 ounce Poli Miele Honey Grappa liqueur
Shake and serve over ice in a rocks glass

 Tequila Mockingbird
1 Jalapeño pepper slice
2 oz Patrón Silver Tequila
1.5 oz Watermelon-Basil Purée*
.75 oz Fresh lime juice
.75 oz Agave syrup
Shake and serve over ice in a rocks glass

I did already show you Tequila Mockingbird and some Literary Lacquer stained glass nail art, which you can see HERE but, obviously, I am going to show you a few more pics here, too!

First, however, let me show you the new-to-me indie, Ethereal Lacquer's Lilac Haze.


I used three thin coats for this almost smoky looking lilac - smoky, get it, lilac HAZE? Hehe.  The holo, similar to Amy's polishes, is quite stunning.  I did add topcoat for these swatches, too, and the tc didn't dull the holo one bit.

20140610_195831     20140610_195741

And, just to refresh your memory, this is Tequila Mockingbird by Literary Lacquer, a bright pink holo.  Three thin coats, topcoat, and perfection on the nails.


20140527_202514     20140527_202605

Since the polishes are a duo, I thought I needed something that combined both, so I used a makeup sponge to add Tequila Mockingbird to my tips in this quick gradient design.


20140610_201622     20140610_201547

And, while I was digging around in my indie drawers, I picked up What Fools These Mortals Be by Literary Lacquer and thought it would be the perfect topcoat for the gradient.  I used just one quick coat of Mortals, no fishing required even for the larger teal hexes.


20140610_201940     20140610_201955

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The direct link to the duo listing is HERE!

You can find Ethereal Lacquer Polishes:
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  1. Love that gradient, Lacey! You've done such a lovely job. These are beautiful polishes!


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