Thursday, May 22, 2014

Zoya Ticked Collection! See All 6 Cremes & Stained Glass Nail Art!

Today I am psyched to show you the 6 creamy cremes that make up the Zoya Tickled collection!

Group shot:


If you've tried Zoya's cremes, you already know that the formula is spot on.  With the exception of Kitridge, which needed a 3rd coat to even out and fully cover, the other 5 are 2 coaters, just thick enough, super creamy, and so easy to work with!  All of my swatches (except Kitridge) are two coats with topcoat.  Let's get to it!

I am going to go in order from my pic, so first, this is Wendy, a gorgeous coral creme.  Not much to say other than this is coral summer time perfection. LOVE this one!


20140511_105935     20140511_110021

Ling is a denim, almost cobalt, blue that applied like a dream.  Zoya describes this as a universally flattering blue, and with this one (unlike Alma from Bubbly), I agree 100%.  I don't wear blues often, but this one is really nice.


20140511_094901     20140511_094923

Tilda is a stunner of a grass green! I am surprised to say but I really adore this color.  Application was perfect, two coats, topcoat, and viola!


20140511_091252     20140511_091410

Kitridge is a gorgeous baby pink creme.  This is the only one that needed a 3rd coat for full coverage and to even it out.  However, if you love pastels, you know they usually need one more coat than darker colors, so I don't hold a 3rd coat against Kitridge.


20140511_105010     20140511_105031

Rocha is the surprise of the group for me. I LOVE this polish! Opaque in two coats, a breeze to apply, and such a vibrant color. See that slight shimmer, too? Only this one had the shimmer and it just adds so much! I wish they all had this shimmer. LOVE, love, love.


20140511_100711     20140511_100705

Rooney is the orchid of the bunch, perfect for the color of the year, radiant orchid.  Two coats, creamy, dreamy, and just perfect.

*One thing, however.  You know how Zoya posts color swatches and says the polishes aren't a dupe, comparing it to two or three others?  Well, they posted this one compared to Lara, which I have, and one other I don't have. Is it a dupe to Lara? Do you need both??  Check out my dupe post coming Saturday!*


20140511_102229     20140511_102221

These are all winners for me, but you might be surprised to know my favorite is Rocha, followed by Wendy and Tilda! Ha! Even I am surprised here, LOL.

As soon as I saw these, I knew I wanted to try the stained glass mani using striping tape, which I know has been done before, but I saw it on Be Happy Buy Polish, my friend Jess. Her's were FREEHANDED but I am not nearly as talented, so I used tape, LOL. This is all 6 of the Tickled polishes:


20140503_133417     20140503_133426

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