Saturday, May 10, 2014

Venique Pearlicious Aqua: Sinful Color's Cinderella's Flashier Sister

In August 2013, for my birthday, Sam of A Girl Obsessed and I went to a polish conference!! To finish off an awesome day of polish fumes, swag finding, and product demos, we stopped at the beauty supply store to buy more polish...ahem...anyway. Among my booty of the day was this pretty gem, Pearlicious Aqua by Venique. Sam and I got the same polish because it was just so pretty!


These swatches show 2 coats and topcoat of HK Girl. In person, the blue to pink shift is much more noticeable!


I like this shot because you can see the pink around the edges of the nails.


One last look! How pretty is this!


I haven't seen Venique anywhere except beauty supply stores, so check your nearest one or check Amazon/ebay, etc.


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