Thursday, May 1, 2014

Literary Lacquers: Some Glad Morning - Teal Holo Perfection!

In the polish blogger community, there is always some debate on whether or not we should post customs, hard-to-finds, one-offs, and other rare polishes.  I believe we should show them - you never know when a polish will show up on a blog sale or maybe you can find someone to dupe it based off swatches you've, they are usually really pretty!

Like this:


I am in love with this!  This is Some Glad Morning, a semi-custom by Literary Lacquer.  It was made as an inspiration by one individual working with Amy, but, thankfully, they decided it was too pretty to keep to themselves and there was a small batch released.  Behold:


This is three thin coats of SMG with Nire's Desire topcoat.  It goes without saying that Amy's formula is perfection.  The polish is thin but oh so sparkly, and three coats build up flawlessly.


Few more pics:


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