Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Literary Lacquers: Miss Bennett and Mr. Darcy - Must See Holos!

Today I have two amazing, holo Gloss48 exclusive polishes from Literary Lacquers to show you!

They are Miss Bennett and Mr. Darcy! It's inspired by Pride and Prejudice: Miss Bennett is a bold peony pink holo and Mr. Darcy is a metallic gold holo.

Untitled     Untitled

Here is some important info!

First, you need to know that Miss Bennett and Mr. Darcy are exclusive to the Gloss48 website. They will also be carrying 7 other duos listed below.

The polish will launch in a week-long 20% off discounted event from May 7-14, duos for $16 plus shipping!

After the event the polish will still be available on Gloss48 for the full retail price of $20.

 Other duos:
 Lake of Shining Waters and Sidewalk's End,
 Mysterious Irrevocable Sacred and Original Virtue,
 The Ultimate Outlaw and Thermodynamics,
 As the Waltz Was Ending and Laters, Baby,  <---ATWWE is the polish I designed for LL!
 Sudden Serious Sweetness and Green Gables,
 84, Charing Cross Road and Greatest Treasures,
 Phenomenal Woman and Dandelion Wine

Make sure to bookmark Gloss48 - you don't want to miss these polishes.

Now let's check out some pics!  Miss Bennett is a gorgeous bright peony pink holo.  This is two coats, no topcoat.  The holo is amazing. Application is perfect, as all of LL polishes are, no issues at all!



Here are a couple of outside pics, no flash and still a ton of holo shine!

Untitled     Untitled

Mr. Darcy is one of the most gorgeous holos I have ever seen, no joke.  It is a bold gold with stunning holo in the light and a gorgeous color shift in inside lighting.  This is three thin coats, and of course, zero issues.  If you love gold and you love holo, you basically nnnneeeeeeddd this baby.  The gold doesn't lean yellow or orange or green.  It is pure gold perfection!




And a few more pics, outside with no flash! It looks like molten gold on your hand!

Untitled     Untitled

Don't forget, these babies are available via Gloss48 ONLY, so you need to scoot over there and make an account with them!

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