Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Liquid Sky Lacquer: Summer Beach Party 4 Polish Review!!

Liquid Sky Lacquer is one of my favorite indie polishes, so when Carolyn asked if I would review a few from the upcoming Summer Beach Party collection, available May 31, I juuuumped at the chance.

And, the second they arrived in the mail, I was pulling out the acetone to remove my old mani and apply these babies as soon as I could!!  Group shot: of bottles and polishes:


These are:

  • Orange - Papaya Smash, 
  • Green - Turn Up,
  • Purple - Did You Get His Number?
  • Pink - What Was Your Name Again?

Gorgeous, right?  The names are pretty hysterical, too.  Let's take a look!  First up, this is Papaya Smash.

Swatch shows two coats with topcoat.  The holo is just beautiful.  No issues with the formula, as with all of my LSLs, and the shine is just perfect.


20140523_151149     20140523_151110

The second I have for you is Turn Up.

I looooove this polish!!  Between Zoya's Tilda and this one, I am on a serious green kick.  The formula surprised me - it's SO creamy!  This is just two coats, fully opaque, dried quickly, and a gorgeous holo.  This is more of a subtle holo, and it's been so gloomy here in CT that the pics don't do full justice, but I know I'll be wearing this again so I'll post more pics.

This is also, apparently, the color of my boyfriend's new toolbox, so I'll have to post some comparison shots, too, LOL.  I know you'll be holding your breath till that happens! ;)


20140523_075643     20140523_075706

Third, this is Did You Get His Number?

The holo is so vibrant here and the royal purple color is just lovely.  This was the most sheer of the bunch so this is three thin coat with topcoat but the result, as you can see, is stunning.  The formula is easy to work this, no pooling, dry time quick, results just perfecto!!


20140523_152359     20140523_152311

And lastly, this beauty is What Was Your Name Again?

This is a stunnnnning magenta toned hot pink holo.  I have this on my nails now.  This formula was surprisingly creamy, too, this is two coats with topcoat.  Formula was quick to dry and quick to shine, shine, shine.  I am officially calling this my new favorite LSL polish in my collection.


20140523_154058      20140523_154010

I love all of these! You can find these, and the others from the collection, available on May 31, so mark your calenders!  I have to say, Turn Up and What Was Your Name Again? are my favorites!

If you're thinking that What Was Your Name Again looks kind of familiar, LSL does have another hot pink holo, XTC, which I happen to own, so check back on Thursday for a comparison post!!!!!!

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  1. Turn Up is my absolute favorite, it's just so pretty! (BTW, did you know you had captcha enabled commenting? Sometimes that makes it really hard to leave a comment.)

  2. They are all vibrant but loooove the purple of course :D

  3. I love the purple so much but the green and pink are great too. I really need some lsl in my life.


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