Saturday, May 24, 2014

Dupe Post: Zoya Rooney v. Zoya Lara

Zoya often posts these cute little images of swatches of two to three colors to show that, although they are similar, their new colors are never dupes of older ones.

Recently, they posted this (which I borrowed from their FB page):


There were a LOT of complaints on this, that the polishes actually looked similar, even in the graphic.  So, I decided to dig out Lara and compare it to Rooney.  First, bottle shots:


Looks different from the bottles!  Swatches of each:

20140511_102846     20140511_102835

Easy to see, pretty different!  Lara is much brighter.

Now, comparison swatches, Lara is on my middle and pinky fingers, Rooney is on my index and ring fingers.  Both are two coats and A Girl Obsessed topcoat:


20140511_102900     20140511_102855


These are def not dupes.  Really, they are quite different if you're a pinkaholic like me, LOL.  I am glad I have both in my collection.

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