Thursday, May 29, 2014

Dupe Post: Liquid Sky Lacquer's What Was Your Name Again vs. XTC

As I was swatching my new favorite Liquid Sky Lacquer, Whats Your Name Again, it occurred to me that I have another hot pink holo LSL, XTC. Shall we compare them? We shall!

First, this is the bottle shots:

20140523_154121 20140523_154132
You can already see they are quite different!   WWYNA? is much more magenta or purple toned, while XTC is a true, bright, neon pink.

And yes, I am sorry to inform your polish budget, if you like pink and holo than you NEEEEED both.

But, for proper comparison's sake, here is XTC:


And here is Whats Your Name Again??


And, the grand comparison, here is boith together.  It is easy to see the differences here, XTC is on my pinky and middle.  WWYNA?  is on the ring and index.  Both have creamy, fantastic formulas, opaque in two coats, and oh-so-holoy!


20140523_154937     20140523_154931


You can grab WWYNA? on Sunday, May 31, and XTC is a core collection polish so make sure to snatch up that beaut, too.

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