Saturday, May 31, 2014

Influenster Spring Vox Box!!

I am so happy that I am a member of Influenster, a very cool program that sends you cool products to review.

Check out what I received in the Spring Vox Box:


They send you a list of what you're receiving as well as the retail value of the items.


Sorry, everyone, but I am NOT reviewing these for you, LOL. I am sure they work just fine though!


I probably also will not use these.  It takes long enough for my nails to grow as is!


The Nivea lotion smells awesome!  Love the convenient travel size as well.  I'll def use this!


This Peach Pie car air freshner was inspired by the movie Labor Day.  Smells great!


I can always use a new mascara!  Rimmel is a great brand, I am looking forward to trying this!


Thank you, Influenster!


Thursday, May 29, 2014

Dupe Post: Liquid Sky Lacquer's What Was Your Name Again vs. XTC

As I was swatching my new favorite Liquid Sky Lacquer, Whats Your Name Again, it occurred to me that I have another hot pink holo LSL, XTC. Shall we compare them? We shall!

First, this is the bottle shots:

20140523_154121 20140523_154132
You can already see they are quite different!   WWYNA? is much more magenta or purple toned, while XTC is a true, bright, neon pink.

And yes, I am sorry to inform your polish budget, if you like pink and holo than you NEEEEED both.

But, for proper comparison's sake, here is XTC:


And here is Whats Your Name Again??


And, the grand comparison, here is boith together.  It is easy to see the differences here, XTC is on my pinky and middle.  WWYNA?  is on the ring and index.  Both have creamy, fantastic formulas, opaque in two coats, and oh-so-holoy!


20140523_154937     20140523_154931


You can grab WWYNA? on Sunday, May 31, and XTC is a core collection polish so make sure to snatch up that beaut, too.

You can find Liquid Sky Lacquer:
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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Liquid Sky Lacquer: Summer Beach Party 4 Polish Review!!

Liquid Sky Lacquer is one of my favorite indie polishes, so when Carolyn asked if I would review a few from the upcoming Summer Beach Party collection, available May 31, I juuuumped at the chance.

And, the second they arrived in the mail, I was pulling out the acetone to remove my old mani and apply these babies as soon as I could!!  Group shot: of bottles and polishes:


These are:

  • Orange - Papaya Smash, 
  • Green - Turn Up,
  • Purple - Did You Get His Number?
  • Pink - What Was Your Name Again?

Gorgeous, right?  The names are pretty hysterical, too.  Let's take a look!  First up, this is Papaya Smash.

Swatch shows two coats with topcoat.  The holo is just beautiful.  No issues with the formula, as with all of my LSLs, and the shine is just perfect.


20140523_151149     20140523_151110

The second I have for you is Turn Up.

I looooove this polish!!  Between Zoya's Tilda and this one, I am on a serious green kick.  The formula surprised me - it's SO creamy!  This is just two coats, fully opaque, dried quickly, and a gorgeous holo.  This is more of a subtle holo, and it's been so gloomy here in CT that the pics don't do full justice, but I know I'll be wearing this again so I'll post more pics.

This is also, apparently, the color of my boyfriend's new toolbox, so I'll have to post some comparison shots, too, LOL.  I know you'll be holding your breath till that happens! ;)


20140523_075643     20140523_075706

Third, this is Did You Get His Number?

The holo is so vibrant here and the royal purple color is just lovely.  This was the most sheer of the bunch so this is three thin coat with topcoat but the result, as you can see, is stunning.  The formula is easy to work this, no pooling, dry time quick, results just perfecto!!


20140523_152359     20140523_152311

And lastly, this beauty is What Was Your Name Again?

This is a stunnnnning magenta toned hot pink holo.  I have this on my nails now.  This formula was surprisingly creamy, too, this is two coats with topcoat.  Formula was quick to dry and quick to shine, shine, shine.  I am officially calling this my new favorite LSL polish in my collection.


20140523_154058      20140523_154010

I love all of these! You can find these, and the others from the collection, available on May 31, so mark your calenders!  I have to say, Turn Up and What Was Your Name Again? are my favorites!

If you're thinking that What Was Your Name Again looks kind of familiar, LSL does have another hot pink holo, XTC, which I happen to own, so check back on Thursday for a comparison post!!!!!!

You can find Liquid Sky Lacquer:
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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Dupe Post: Zoya Rooney v. Zoya Lara

Zoya often posts these cute little images of swatches of two to three colors to show that, although they are similar, their new colors are never dupes of older ones.

Recently, they posted this (which I borrowed from their FB page):


There were a LOT of complaints on this, that the polishes actually looked similar, even in the graphic.  So, I decided to dig out Lara and compare it to Rooney.  First, bottle shots:


Looks different from the bottles!  Swatches of each:

20140511_102846     20140511_102835

Easy to see, pretty different!  Lara is much brighter.

Now, comparison swatches, Lara is on my middle and pinky fingers, Rooney is on my index and ring fingers.  Both are two coats and A Girl Obsessed topcoat:


20140511_102900     20140511_102855


These are def not dupes.  Really, they are quite different if you're a pinkaholic like me, LOL.  I am glad I have both in my collection.

You can find Zoya:
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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Zoya Ticked Collection! See All 6 Cremes & Stained Glass Nail Art!

Today I am psyched to show you the 6 creamy cremes that make up the Zoya Tickled collection!

Group shot:


If you've tried Zoya's cremes, you already know that the formula is spot on.  With the exception of Kitridge, which needed a 3rd coat to even out and fully cover, the other 5 are 2 coaters, just thick enough, super creamy, and so easy to work with!  All of my swatches (except Kitridge) are two coats with topcoat.  Let's get to it!

I am going to go in order from my pic, so first, this is Wendy, a gorgeous coral creme.  Not much to say other than this is coral summer time perfection. LOVE this one!


20140511_105935     20140511_110021

Ling is a denim, almost cobalt, blue that applied like a dream.  Zoya describes this as a universally flattering blue, and with this one (unlike Alma from Bubbly), I agree 100%.  I don't wear blues often, but this one is really nice.


20140511_094901     20140511_094923

Tilda is a stunner of a grass green! I am surprised to say but I really adore this color.  Application was perfect, two coats, topcoat, and viola!


20140511_091252     20140511_091410

Kitridge is a gorgeous baby pink creme.  This is the only one that needed a 3rd coat for full coverage and to even it out.  However, if you love pastels, you know they usually need one more coat than darker colors, so I don't hold a 3rd coat against Kitridge.


20140511_105010     20140511_105031

Rocha is the surprise of the group for me. I LOVE this polish! Opaque in two coats, a breeze to apply, and such a vibrant color. See that slight shimmer, too? Only this one had the shimmer and it just adds so much! I wish they all had this shimmer. LOVE, love, love.


20140511_100711     20140511_100705

Rooney is the orchid of the bunch, perfect for the color of the year, radiant orchid.  Two coats, creamy, dreamy, and just perfect.

*One thing, however.  You know how Zoya posts color swatches and says the polishes aren't a dupe, comparing it to two or three others?  Well, they posted this one compared to Lara, which I have, and one other I don't have. Is it a dupe to Lara? Do you need both??  Check out my dupe post coming Saturday!*


20140511_102229     20140511_102221

These are all winners for me, but you might be surprised to know my favorite is Rocha, followed by Wendy and Tilda! Ha! Even I am surprised here, LOL.

As soon as I saw these, I knew I wanted to try the stained glass mani using striping tape, which I know has been done before, but I saw it on Be Happy Buy Polish, my friend Jess. Her's were FREEHANDED but I am not nearly as talented, so I used tape, LOL. This is all 6 of the Tickled polishes:


20140503_133417     20140503_133426

You can find Zoya:
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