Wednesday, April 2, 2014

When Neutral Meets Holo: Nails Inc Porterhouse Square & Literary Lacquer I'm Drinking Stars

New to me mainstream brand post!!  For Christmas, my awesome Grandmother (Gogo, for those of you in the know) gifted me a Nails Inc set with 6 full size bottles and 4 minis.  This is a British brand and I'm not sure where you can find it, although I would bet she found it on QVC, they surprise you with awesome beauty brands sometimes!!

Porterhouse Square is one of the full sized, a gorgeous mushroom grey creme.  I forgot to take solo pics of it because I get too excited when I am about to use a Literary Lacquer polish - I just want to get to the good stuff.

The pics are a little washed out but I refuse to color correct.  I just.  Love it or leave it, but it's not my style.

So here it is!



This is two coats of PS with two coats of I'm Drinking Stars, a Literary Lacquer holo.  IDS can stand on its own, but it also shines as a topcoat.  It does have a tan base, so I suggest using it over a complimentary neutral, like this!


Both polishes has flawless formulas, by the way.  :)  Guess I should mention that part, huh?


You can find Literary Lacquer:
On etsy HERE
On Facebook HERE
On instagram HERE


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