Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Superchic Lacquer: Where Dreams Are Born Collection - Post 2 of 2!

For your Tuesday viewing pleasure, I have 4 more new polishes from Superchic Lacquer, AKA Wonder Beauty Products.

All 8 polishes comprise the Where Dreams Are Born collection and will be available May 4th from Wonder Beauty!  Group shot:


Yesterday I showed you 4 with darker bases and today I have the lighter shades.  Again, all 8 are creamy formulas with the perfect amount of glitters.  Let's take a look!


First up, this is Wendybird, a striking sky blue base with purple glitters.  My swatches show three thin coats with topcoat.  Like the first four (and the rest of the collection), the formula is perfect.  The glitter to base ratio is perfect.  Dry time is great because you can get thin coats, still chock full of glitter, that build up perfectly.


20140425_215821     20140425_215855


Next, this is I Can Fly, a baby blue polish with orange glitters.  The contrast of these two colors are amazing!  It doesn't hurt that the Knicks colors are orange and blue, either ;)  This is three thin coats.  I love this one!


20140425_211604     20140425_211559


Third for today, I have Thimble Kisses.  Now, this orchidy color and orange glitters aren't the first combo you might this of, but WOW.  I put this on and just stared at my nails.  Three thin coats and topcoat are used for the swatches below. This is one of my faves!


20140425_222104     20140425_222227


Last up, this is Tink Happy Thoughts.  Yes, this is my hands down favorite, LOL.  A perfect creamy light pink base full of aqua glitters makes this unique among my 5,529 pink polishes.  (Might be a small exaggeration with that number!) This is three thin coats with topcoat.  I swatched this last so I could leave it on for a few days, you know in Blogger Lingo that that means the polish is a winner.


20140425_233300     20140425_233235


These are available on May 4th by Superchic/Wonder Beauty.

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