Monday, April 28, 2014

Superchic Lacquer: Where Dreams Are Born Collection - Post 1 of 2!

Today and tomorrow I have 4 new polishes from Superchic Lacquer, AKA Wonder Beauty Products.  I was sent these for review...I opened this package and squealed!!!

All 8 polishes comprise the Where Dreams Are Born collection and will be available May 4th from Wonder Beauty!  Group shot:


All 8 are creamy formulas with the perfect amount of glitters.  The contrasting colors make these polishes all unique among my collection.  I wanted to show a few photos of each so I decided to make two posts.  I am going to do darker bases today and lighter bases tomorrow.  Let's take a look!


First up, this is Chasing Shadows, a gorgeous grey with white and purple glitters, tiny white glitters, and a fine purple microglitter throughout.  This is three thin coats with topcoat.  Grey polishes are growing on me lately, and this one is so special. Love!


20140425_194604     20140425_194612


Next, Second Star To The Right is a cobalt blue with magenta-y, reddish glitters on varying sizes.  Again, zero issues with the formula.  This is three thin coats with topcoat.  The shine is uncontrollable here, my camera went a little haywire, but you get the point. Blue polish loves will love this one!


20140425_200435     20140425_200437


Third for today, I have a gorgeous summery green with yellow and green microglitters called Never Grow Up. There are some small hex too, but they are subtle amongst the microglitters.  This is three thin coats with topcoat. Perfect summer green!


20140425_202235     20140425_202158


Last up, this is Clap Loud For Fairies, which is an adorable name, first of all, and a great polish.  It has a purple base, a rich orchid purple, with blue and purple glitters.  Three thin coats and topcoat for the swatch pics below.  Love this one!


20140425_213811     20140425_213728


How gorgeous are these??  Tomorrow I have four more, so make sure to stop by!

These are available on May 4th by Superchic/Wonder Beauty.

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