Tuesday, April 22, 2014

SuperChic Lacquer: Hero Collection - A Gloss48 Exclusive!

Hello there!

Today I have two gorgeous grey polishes by SuperChic Lacquer.  These polishes, the Hero Collection consisting of Gauntlet Girl and Bulletproof Betty, are exclusive to Gloss48.com - and will be available on April 23rd!


First up is Gauntlet Girl, the "Warrior Girl; wards off all distractions and obstacles in her pursuit of happiness," is a gorgeous grey creme with a shimmery pink fleck to it.  I used three thin coats. The formula is perfect and although sheer with the first coat, the build up is opaque and so, so shimmery.


20140417_190509     20140417_190523

Bulletproof Betty, "The Unstoppable Woman; she perseveres toward her dreams" is a grey creme just packed with gorgeous green/blue flecky shimmer.  The base is lighter than GG, but similar to GG, this is three easy to apply coats.  The shimmer is hard to spot in some lights so I took a variety of pics with and without flash.


20140420_184709     20140420_184906

I really like both of these, but Betty is my fave of the two. The green/blue/grey creme mixture is just heavenly!  Remember, these two babies are exclusive to Gloss48.com, so make sure to stop by there on April 23rd, when they are available.

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  1. I'm so disappointed! I went to get them, and turns out they aren't shipping to Canada. :'(


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