Friday, April 18, 2014

Radiant Orchid Post - Verity "Deef" Lavender

I am not kidding about the name of the polish.  Assuming it should be "Deep" Lavender, here is the bottle:


LOL, cute, right?  Either way, this isn't really lavender anyway.  It's a dark orchid, almost fuchsia purple.  Verity is an inexpensive brand that I found at a local beauty supply spot in Connecticut.  Most of the colors I have tried are gorgeous creme polishes, or slightly shimmery metalicy polishes, and they are great!  A couple are on the thin side, but most, like this, are great!

20140209_194546     20140209_194711

This shows two coats and topcoat.  It's a great formula, no complaints with this one!

Excuse the shorty nails, too.  I have a backlog of pics I am trying to catch up on, hence the "theme" weeks, like radiant orchid week and China Glaze week...I will also have a texture week, peach week, and a Hail The Nails decal week.  Woo for blog organization!



You can find Verity online, although I've seen the price point at some crazy ranges.  I found it in a local off-shoot beauty supply store, so check around because it is worth it!


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