Monday, April 14, 2014

Radiant Orchid Post - Maybelline Lust For Lilac!

I am all about the radiant orchid color of the year!  I know plenty of my polish pals find it just too dainty and girly, but I am in love!

You may remember my (in my opinion, epic) post with 20 RO polishes and 2 texture RO polishes...See that HERE and then come back for more!  This whole week, posting today, Wed, Fri, Sat & Sun, I am going to try to stick to an Orchid theme.  Hope you enjoy!

I have been picky about my mainstream polish purchases lately, but when I saw this a few months ago, it immediately jumped in my cart. I couldn't help it!


This is Lust For Lilac, a orchid purple creme polish by Maybelline.  This is three thin coats with top coat.  The first coat was streaky, the second coat helpful, but the third coat evened everything out.  I am in love with the color as well.


Maybelline polishes are pretty good!  I usually don't have many complaints.  I realize a few people dislike a creme polish that needs three full coats, but with a pastel, it gets a pass with three.

20140209_212918     20140209_212901

You can find Maybelline at drug stores, Walmart, and on their standalone site.

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