Sunday, April 6, 2014

Orly Blush - Spring 2014 Collection! So Pretty!

Every Sunday is so bittersweet - the weekend is half over but there is still a full day to enjoy.  For your enjoyment today, I have all 6 of the Orly Blush collection, 6 sweet shades released for Spring 2014.  I did purchase all 6 of these, and I am really glad I did!

Orly is really killing it right now!  My favorite polishes are the moment, mainstream brands anyway, are all Orly, including quite a few of these!  Group shot:


Let's take a look at each one.  First, this is Flawless Flush.  This polish needs only two thin coats for instant perfection.  Light lavender, almost a pink, filled with shimmer, this is an instant favorite polish of mine.

20140309_204655     20140309_204716

Next up is First Flush, a coral/rose creme.  This is another winner, gorgeous in person and easy to apply.  No issues at all.  As a pink fan, this is another major yes for me!

20140309_200456     20140309_200509

The third polish I want to show you is Naked Canvas.  Are you surprised there is a white polish in here?  I am but it's actually a welcome surprise!  Hard to capture in the photos, NC has a gorgeous shimmer and is opaque in three coats.

20140309_195548     20140309_195614

Next, here is Cheeky. LOVE this one!  This is a gorgeous peach with gold flecks.  I used three coats but you could probably get away with two.  The formula is thin but builds nicely and the gold flecks give it so much depth.

20140307_192508     20140307_192517

And, here is Dare To Bare, a nude creme that is opaque in 2 coats!  Win, win, win all around.

20140305_212024     20140305_212027

Last but not least, this is Classic Contours, the deepest shade of the six.  Opaque in two coats, nice formula.  This is more purple than pink and reminds me more of fall than spring.  Anyone else thinking that?

20140309_194425     20140309_194451

So, as a whole, what do you think?  Though a few aren't as 'spring' like as you may desire, all 6 are ladylike, dainty colors that I know I'll reach for over and over again.

You can find ORLY on their standalone site and select retailers, as well as beauty supply stores

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