Monday, April 7, 2014

Nire's Desire: Lingerie and Lemon Ice!

In February 2014, I was lucky enough to review three polishes by Nire's Desire, which you can see HERE.  I was immediately impressed with the formula and colors and have been stalking the store ever since!

Recently, a few colors were discontinued and put on sale, so I rushed over and scooped up a gorgeous nude creme called, appropriately, Lingerie:


This is a great polish. Swatch shows just two coats of this creamy nude. Application was easy, dry time fine, and I love how it looks with my skin tone. It has an oh so subtle shimmer and an almost pinky tone to it in some lighting.


Marco...ignore the cuticles, ugh. I'd rather show you real hands than photo edited mannequin hands though....


One last look:


I was surprised with a second polish for review, this is called Lemon Ice:


Whoa there! Lemon Ice is a seriously neon yellow. It does not, as you see, pull green in photos (ahem, Orly Glowstick, I'm talking about you) nor does it look green in any lights. This is a yellow yellow. LOVE.


I also love that this formula is just as creamy as Lingerie!!

This is two thin, easy to manage coats over one coat of Wet n Wild A Blank Canvas, one coat of Nire's Desire topcoat (which is my current go to topcoat). As most neons do, it dried super quick and very slightly matte.

20140317_210042     20140317_210127

See the subtle white/blue shimmer? It really gives the color some depth!


If you have not tried Nire's Desire polish, I highly suggest you do!

You can find Nire's Desire:
On Facebook HERE
On etsy HERE


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