Friday, April 18, 2014

New To Me Indie: Tre'nique Lacquer Hand/Nail Care Review: Scrub, Butter, & Cuticle Oil

I am very excited to share this post with you!  I was lucky to receive some awesome hand and nail care items from Tre'nique Lacquer, a new-to-me indie company!

Tre'nique has a range of items from exfoliating hand scrubs, rich butters, and cuticle oils.  I was sent a sample of the peppermint hand scrub and the peppermint hand butter, as well as tea tree and lavender cuticle oil.


The first thing I liked is that the cuticle oil is in a polish bottle, which means it has a great applicator - a polish brush.  I like precise applicators, like this or a doe-foot lipgloss-style applicator (like A Girl Obsessed uses) because I can apply the oil where I need it...and I can also get away with using it at work. ;)

20140418_150832     20140418_150922

The tea tree and lavender smell is a great combo and the oil is very moisturizing but not greasy.  I've been using this for almost a week now, at least once per day, and it's really doing the trick!

The hand scrub and butter are also great. The peppermint smell is really subtle.  The scrub is nice and coarse and my hands felt insta-smooth after I rinsed.


The butter is thick and rich.  The texture is really lux feeling and the smell was subtle, fresh, and clean.  I've had this in my purse for a few days!  You know something is good if it makes it in your purse and into your daily routine!


Overall, I really like these three items!  Tre'nique is also sending me polishes soon, so I'll have those to share, too.  I am impressed with the handcare items and looking forward to seeing what Trenique does next!

You can find Tre'nique Lacquer:

On Facebook HERE
On their standalone site HERE

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  1. Love Tre'Nique. I have the hand butter as well and love the peppermint smell and feel


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