Wednesday, April 9, 2014

China Glaze Surprise Collection: Shine-Nanigans, Glimmer More & Glitter Up

China Glaze was nice enough to send over three of the new clear base glitter toppers from their new Surprise Collection!  I received Shine-Nanigans, Glimmer More, and Glitter Up. All three have the same makeup, clear base with hex glitters in contrasting colors.  Let's take a look.

First up, this is two coats of Shine-Nanigans over In A Lilly Bit, from another CG Spring collection (review coming soon!).  SN is a mix of berry and lime colored glitters.  The formulas were both a bit thick and a bit runny, I know that sounds odd.  I ended up just sort of dripping a bit on the nail and mooshing it around a little.  Not sure if I'd recommend trying that at home. :)


20140309_125933     20140309_125937

Next, this is Glimmer More over Metro Pollen-tin, also CG Spring 2014.  This one has neutral glitters, yellow/gold glitters, and berry glitter.  A pretty mix, I think.  I wish they all weren't hexes.  This Metro Pollen-tin polish is surprisingly awesome, as well.  More on that soon!


20140307_175746     20140307_175752

Last but not least, this is Glitter Up over At Vase Value.  GU is a mix of dark and light blue, orange, and pink glitters, still all hex shaped.  All of the formulas are similar, thick, clear, with glitters that you do need to manipulate slightly.  I like this mix because it's like a girly Knicks jersey, LOL:


20140307_181512     20140307_181554

Overall, I think I like where China Glaze was going with this collection.  I wish the glitters were of varying shapes, or maybe all dots.  Hexes seem common place and for a collection of just clear glitter toppers, I think CG should've taken it a step further with some inventive glitter shapes.  I do enjoy the three I received but I don't feel the need to run out and get the rest of the collection, 6 in all.

What do you think about the Surprise Collection?

You can find China Glaze at retail stores, Sallys, & on their standalone site.


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