Saturday, April 12, 2014

China Glaze Dupe Post: Petal To The Metal v. Pink Plumeria

Today, I have a dupe post for you with two polishes from the same brand!

The contenders are Petal To The Metal, from the new Spring 2014 Flourish Collection and Pink Plumeria from the Summer Neon collection in 2012.  Take a look and then I'll tell you what I did:


Petal is the creme polish on my ring and pointer fingers, and Plumeria is the shimmer on my pinky and middle fingers.  They do look pretty different on the nail, given the different finishes, but check out the bottle shots:


That is why I compared the two to begin with, they do look similar there!  Check out a closer swatch:


Which do you like better?  Petal is shown with two coats and topcoat.  Plumeria, with the shimmer, needed a third coat for full coverage and has a topcoat as well.

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