Sunday, March 9, 2014

Zoya Spring 2014: Awaken Collection & Monet Glitter Topcoat

Why must weekends move so fast?  Today I have 7 Zoya polishes to show you, 6 solids from the Awaken Collection, spring 2014, and the glitter topcoat, Monet, also from this spring.

Here are all 6 polishes together.  I will show you individual pics and then Monet over each color at the end.  Pic heavy post warning, but oh so worth it!

Let's just go according to my pic above.  This is Cole, a summery peach leaning orange.  The formula is alright, it requires 3 coats, but the end result is creamy and dreamy.  I added topcoat for this pic as well.


Next, Dot is another pastel with a 3 coats needed formula, similar to Cole.  Cole and Dot are solid with no shimmer at all.  Dot is a sweet baby pink, and Zoya really stands out in the baby pink polish department, but most need 2 coats.  Dot does need three but it's a sweet color anyway. I know there is going to be some fuss over a 3 coat creme, but it's PASTEL, yall. Pastels and neons usually need 3 coats - just do it and add a quick dry topcoat, mmmk?


Rebel is a metallic blue shimmer polish that needs 2 coats for full coverage.  The green, blue, and purple are similar in formula and easy to work with.  Rebel almost has a denim color to it, I like it.


Dillon is a mint metallic.  Mint and metallic are not usually two things you'd think to put together, but I do like this polish.  It isn't a game changer for me.  Many people are saying it's similar to Zuza, but I think Zuza is more teal (I'm actually getting Zuza shortly so I'll do a comp post if you havent already seen one by then).


It did match my hoodie tho!


Hudson is a purple metallic shimmer.  I wasn't too into this color from looking at the bottle, but on the nail it is bright, covers well, and has a great shine.  This is two coats with topcoat.


Brooklyn is my least favorite, which is sad because I love the city of Brooklyn, NY.  This is a sheer metallic off-white, almost champagne color.  I dislike metallics normally, and unfortunatley, this is why.  Visible brush strokes just look strokey, LOL. You know what I mean? It's also not great for my skintone, personally. This is three coats and topcoat.


I did a little dotticure with 5 of the 6 polishes (no Brooklyn) over Zoya Taylor. Cute, right?

20140301_115436     20140301_115431

Monet is the glitter topper du jour for the spring, it's in a clear, if slightly pink, base with pastel glitters.  They are iridescent-ish, and shine fairly well.  The formula was surprisingly thick and the polish had an odd smell that I've never smelled on any other Zoya polish.  Yes, I admit, I sniffed a couple of the other spring polishes to compare, and none of them smelled strongly at all, only Monet.

Here are my favorite combos, Monet over Dot and Cole:



It looks alright over the metallics, too, but the glitters sort of disappear, don't they? Lastly, the muddled look of Monet over Brooklyn really isn't great.

20140301_101324     20140301_095805

20140301_093236     20140301_091009
I def suggest keeping the Monet over a solid color for the full effect of the glitters.

So, what do you think? Cole is my favorite, with Hudson a surprising second. Zoya is available on

Thanks for reading!


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