Friday, March 7, 2014

Superchic Lacquer: Gaslighted Collection Part 2: Lost My Melon, Shrinking Violet & Fuchsure Drive Me Insane

Happy Friday!

Today I have the other three polishes from the Superchic Lacquer: Gaslighted Collection, Lost My Melon, Shrinking Violet & Fuchsure Drive Me Insane.  I cannot reiterate how much I love all 5 polishes.  The formulas are perfect, the colors stunning.  This is my favorite spring collection so far!

Group shot:


First, this is Shrinking Violet.  This polish GLOWS.  There is a beautiful cast to this shade in the sun and it literally looks like the nail has a halo on it.  I know that sounds cheesy but I swear it's true.  I actually painted my toes with this (I hate feet, too, I'm sorry, but full disclosure yall!) and I never paint my toes with anything except nudes, sooo let that show you how much I LOVE this polish.


20140301_184514     20140301_184501

Swatches show three thin coats with topcoat.  Love, love, love.  The green/blue/pink flash is amazing.  This is my hands down favorite of this collection.

Next up, Lost My Melon is a gorgeous coral shimmer.  This is a close second for favorite and I know this is going to look amazing with a tan.  The swatches show two coats with topcoat.


20140301_160731     20140301_160716

I couldn't resist adding a couple Vinyl Stickers by Sam bows to this polish. Love it!

20140301_161635     20140301_161646

Last but certainly not least, the bright member of the group, this is Fuchsure Drive Me Insane, a radiant purple with flashes of green, light pink  and more. SO pretty, a perfect shade for spring, summer, and fall.  Love how vibrant this one is, and the swatches show two coats with topcoat.


20140302_162439     20140302_162417

I added dots of Shrinking Violet and Matte-ict by A Girl Obsessed:

20140302_164217     20140302_164246

I was feeling another gradient, so I used Figmint of My Reality, Shrinking Violet, and Fuchsure Drive Me Insane for this look, topped with HK Girl.  Yes, I need more practice with the gradients, but I like the look!



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