Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Second Look Post - Different Dimension: I've Been An Awful Good Girl

I plan to release a "Second Look Post" at least once per month, if not more.  This will be a way for me to go back into my indie stash, help support small businesses, make me feel slightly less guilty for owning way too many polishes, and allow me to see how my swatching has (hopefully) improved over time.

Today I am taking a second look at Different Dimension's I've Been An Awful Good Girl, from the holiday 2012 collection.  I previously reviewed the same polish HERE.

For this post, I used one coat of Wet N Wild A Blank Canvas, then two coats of Good Girl:


20140111_220221     20140111_220229

The pink base didn't seem nearly as apparent, and it settled with a base color much closer to white than pink.  The polish itself has a great formula, full of tiny glitters and smaller pieces as well.


I am a huge fan!  This was a holiday polish but it would be appropriate year round, I think.


And a last shot:


You can find Different Dimension:
On etsy HERE
On Facebook HERE


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