Sunday, March 30, 2014

MBHM Attempts Nail Art: Black & White Dotticure Plus Neon Rose Art Pictorial

Another attempt at nail art!  Success or failure!!? You decide!

First, let me show you the background, which is a black and white dotticure using Out The Door Black Hole, Wet & Wild A Blank Canvas, a dotter tool, and HK Girl topcoat:


I decided to extend the mani by adding some neon roses.  Since I knew I wanted neons, I knew a white base would be best to make the colors pop.  I started with a few blobs of Wet & Wild A Blank Canvas.


Then I added a few neons over the white:


Next, I used a regular acrylic paintbrush to paint the petal details. I chose shades that were 1 or 2 shades darker than the otherside petals:


Finally, I used Kawaii Nail Lacquer Let It Shine holo topcoat on the flowers only.

20131107_204655     20131107_203404

I finished it off with two coats of HK Girl topcoat.

20131107_203347     20131107_204733

What do you think?



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