Sunday, March 2, 2014

Holo Gradient: Essie Using My Maiden Name, China Glaze Fancy Pants & Kawaii Let It Shine Holo Topcoat!

Excuse me for the super long title, but there is a lot going on in this post!

Today I have my attempt at nail art, a gradient.  I added an extra dose of special by adding a holo topcoat.  The polishes used here are:
  • Essie Using My Maiden Name
  • China Glaze Fancy Pants
  • Kawaii Let It Shine Holo Topcoat
Also, I used HK Girl topcoat and my go-to basecoat, OPI Nail Envy.  Let me show you the finished product, and then we can work backwards.


So, to achieve this look, I first applied two coats of Essie Using My Maiden Name and one coat of HK Girl topcoat.

20140108_215110     20140108_215122

I used a piece of a makeup sponge to add China Glaze Fancy Pants to the tips.  I sponged on both Fancy Pants and Essie Using My Maiden Name to achieve a more blended look:

20140108_222859     20140108_222908

Finally, I added Let It Shine holo topcoat:


20140108_223215     20140108_223222

Love the look.  I know I'll be doing more gradients, especially with pretty spring colors.  The gradient may look intimidating but it does get easier as you try...or, in my case, add some holo topcoat to help mask any mistakes you may make!

You can find Kawaii Nail Lacquer - for amazing holo topcoat and more:

On etsy HERE
On Facebook HERE

And you can find Essie and China Glaze at major retailers, including Essie at some pharmacies and Ulta (right?) and CG at Sally's.  You can get both online as well.

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  1. This manicure is so flawless!! At first I thought it was one polish, but I love the technique you used.


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