Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Ellagee Forgetful Lucy: Creme Pink Perfection!

I am always up for a gorgeous pink creme, and finding a super solid by an indie company is always a nice surprise.  I was gifted this lovely polish, Forgetful Lucy by ellagee in a Secret Gift exchange - thanks, Auri!


True to a superior creme formula, this only needed two coats.  The first was quite smooth, no balding or streaking, and the second coat only perfected the look.  I added topcoat as well.  Dry time was decent for a creme.  The finished pink color is quite sweet, def not "Forgetful" on the nail!


I took quite a few pics of this baby...don't act like you're surprised!

20140209_201900     20140209_201823

Aaaand one more:


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