Saturday, March 22, 2014

Cranky Girlz: No Name But Amazing Pink Color!

I have a new candidate in the running for favorite pink polish in this shade....but what shade would you call this?


We can debate all we want because it doesn't have a name.  I am not a fan of nameless polishes, it's almost sad in a way.  Why not take a moment to give this little beauty a proper moniker?  With a polish as pretty as this, no name is really a shame.


This is two coats of little sad no name polish by itself.  It is a really pretty color, so bright and vivid.  It is opaque in just a coat, but I used two here as well as HK Girl topcoat. I didn't get my light for these...I tried pics in the fridge, lol. What do you think?




Another Valentine's Day pink!  Do you tend towards light pinks, like yesterdays post (I'll wait while you check it, go ahead) or do you like brighter, louder pinks, like this?



1 comment:

  1. It looks fushialicious to me! Nice color! I usually go for the bright blues, purples and pinks for myself. :)


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